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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new details on who donald trump has picked to be apart of his white house staff. the new call for stiffer penalties for crimes committed on police officers. and the new series of earthquakes hitting the island of new zealand this morning. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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developing news coming from our next commander-in-chief - donald trump started to announce who will be apart of his staff come january when he swears into office. reince priebus - the republican national committee's chairman - will be president-elect trump's chief of staff.priebus called it an honor to join trump at the white house.trump also appointed right-wing media mogul steve bannon served as the head of breitbart (bright-bart) news before hopping on trump's train in august.a campaign statement referred to the two men as equal partners. president elect trump's first extended sit-down interview since he won the election - aired right here on cbs 2 news. news.the president and his family were interviewed on sixty minutes - where he gave insight on a number of key issues- one of which - the impact of social media - like twitter and facebook.trump
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republican candidates and eventually win the white house. "the fact that i have such power in terms of numbers with facebook, twitter, instagram, et cetera, i think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money than i spent. and i won. i think that social media has more power than the money they spent, and i think maybe to a certain extent, i proved t" that."trump also admitted that he would try to tone down the tweeting weekend lashed out on the new york times on twitter - calling the paper bad - dishonest and very poor. continuing coverage now on the protests following - the election last tuesday. demonstrators again took to the streets on sunday for a fifth straight day - voicing their displeasure over donald trump's title of our next manhattan - more than a thousand people carrying signs in both english and spanish.protestors also stepped out in los angeles -
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new this morning - people in new zealand are getting hit with more powerful aftershocks - following a weekend earth-quake that killed at least two people. people.the initial quake recorded at a magnitude of 7- point-8.another earthquake followed overnight - hitting the south island at a magnitude of turned the capitol city of wellington into a virtual ghost town sending people fleeing to higher ground.more after-shocks could come later today. underway on the west coast. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is tracking this story at the breaking news desk right now. stephanie? stephanie?yes jenee--two officers were shot at on sunday evening and police are looking for the suspect right now...police approached a group of people on foot around seven-thirty sunday evening. the men ran off but one man from the group turned around and shot several rounds at the officers.officers suffered non- life threatening injuries. the
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hispanic male--the san jose police department have three blocks oin lockdown as they search for the suspect. another shooting happened over night--this time in jacksonville florida-- two women and an infant was killed overnight--two others injured---police right now are looking for any suspect or suspects involved.back to you in waterloo - police are asking for your help for information on a weekend killing.a 19-year-old woman was around linn gable streets on friday night at around 11 p-m. wright was flown to the u- i-h-c but later died.if you know anything - you're asked to call crimestopers at the number on your screen.also find that number on our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. a 16-year cold case is now believed to be a homicide ?instead of a missing persons c. case.23-year-old cora okonski - a tama mother of a toddler - vanished back in 2000.her family has long believed her
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never been found.recently - investigators made trips to where she was last sighted and interviewed new and old witnesses.police have never identified a suspect - by her ex-boyfriend has faced scrunity in the past from police since he was with her the night she went missing. investigators haven't released anything new. almost two weeks after two-iowa police officers were gunned down - iowa lawmakers consider penalties for attacks on law enforcement. enforcement.urbandale officer justin martin and des moines police sargeant tony - minutes - representative ken rizer says iowa should expand it's enhanced penalties for assaulting officers to also include attempted murder and murder charges.urbandale's police chief goes even further, saying the state should consider reinstating the death penalty for murdering police. some u-s prisons are now experimenting with a costly injection - that could help addicted inmates stay off
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and proponents say it could be effective against the opioid epidemic in america.some 2-million americans suffer from big problem with the medication - cost about a thousand dollars a month - compared to methadone which runs about 30 bucks a month.methadone itself can be abused - so supporters say vivtrol will end up saving money by keeping people from returning to prison. the month of november - is diabetes every year - 40-thousand people are diagnosed with type 2 news reporter joe huisinga tells us how one group is now using a holiday tradition to help diabetic kids in the corridor. corridor. for the last 30 years the women of alpha gamma delta's cedar rapids alumni group have turned to the holiday poinsettia to decorate for a ca. cause. whether it's your home whether it's a business whether it's gift giving that
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and have been we think pretty successful for a small group. 11their international organization is a big contributor to the juvenile diabetes research foundation but these women like to keep things local. local. people always like to be able to kind of see first hand where your money is going. 5 the money they raise goes to camp tanagers diabetes camp campthey invite children who have diabetes to experience the camping experience as well as have a medical staff on hand so that the rest easy. 11while parents rest easy campers get a chance to have fun while learning how to better manage their conditio. condition. i do have friends that have had children with diabetes that have experienced the camp and have had wonderful experiences. 7 the group has raised more than 30 thousand dollars for the camp over the years helping a lot of kids live a little better. better. little better. better.of kids live a helping a lot of kids live a little bet. better.
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you can get your poinsettia and help out you can go to our website at c-b-s-2 iowa dot com. check out this incredible video we caught of the supermoon on display last night here in eastern iowa. it's said to be the brightest moon in almost 69 years!!a supermoon happens whenever the moon's orbit reaches it's closest point--at the same you missed it - you can still see it again tonight!make sure to send us your photos of the super moon on facebook it's and right now in it's de. degrees.coming up - it was the kick that sent shock-waves across the nation.the head hawkeye talks about game winning field goal that helped iowa upset michigan.
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it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees. the two big stars in saturday night's shocking upset win in
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at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak.
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crazy things happen in college football - and on saturday night - kinnick got crazy - d - three straight home losses - a blowout last week in happy valley - 24-point underdogs to michigan - none of that mattered to the hawkeyes... after falling behind by ten in the first half - iowa responded - they dominated the line of scrimmage and dictated how the game was going to be played - and in the end - it was the hawks with the chance to seal the upset - and keith duncan capped off a night for the history books... you hope the mechanics are good - snap, hold, kick - it
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pressure moment right there - they take the timeout - his mindset was right - and he did a great job there there it was an incredible feeling - right when i knew it was down - perfect hold - i felt it off my foot and i knew it went in - so - kinnick's got the best fans in the world - best coaches - best teammates - just an incredible feelinganother saturday night star for iowa - akrum wadley - fans have been clamoring to get the rock in his hands more - and wadley delivered against michigan - 23 carries for 115 yards - and he also caught five in a game that was mostly stuck in the mud - number-25 stood out with his speed and playmaking ability - and it brings a different dimension to this hawkeye offense... akrum's a slippery guy - he's got good feel - and the way they play defense there's not much wiggle room in there - so he got away once or twice from those guys - sometimes he made something out of nothing there too - really sparked us with
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good job for us - tough competitorin d-three football - coe capped off a 10 and 0 regular season with a win over simpson on saturday - on sunday - they learned who they'll take on in round one of the playoffs - the kohawks will host monmouth college next saturday at noon - the fighting scots are also unbeaten this season - these two teams last played each other in 20-13 - that was a kohawk win... on the court - fran mccaffery knew the graduation of four senior starters would change their st know that these young hawks - would bust out of the gates looking like the showtime lakers... iowa at home to play savannah state on sunday... first half - peter jok got his - spotting up for three - all net - iowa up by three in the early going... the star of the game - an unlikely one - brady ellingson from deep - 23 points for brady - he led the hawks in scoring... the freshman continued to shine too - tyler cook - gets position down low - and makes it look like he's dunking on a
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and more freshmen contributions - cordell pemsl - bucket and the foul - 18 points - 9 boards for the dubuque far, so good for the hawkeyes - they win 116 to 84... "you know our plan was to maybe shoot a few less threes and have a few more drive the close out, finish at the rim.... we used really good judgement and made good shot attempts there: there:"i just think we have a lot of team chemistry now, but once we srt more and being able to really run for longer periods of time, you'll see a lot more showtime from a couple guys" during the preseason - lisa bluder joked that her team could go "fourteen deep" if needed -- early in the year - that depth is paying off... sunday afternoon hoops - iowa at home against hampton - and the offense was running smoothly - chase coley - let's call her the big fundamental - spin move - lefty layup - two points for iowa... later in
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and tania davis toss it back and forth - disterhoft with the lay-in - she scored 16... and got some help from megan gustafson - what a move inside - gustafson finished with a double double...and the hawkeyes - finish with a win - 84 to 51.. win - 84 to 51.. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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in football - sometimes plays don't go just how a coach draws them up.well - two wackpl college football - included teams from the hawkeye state. state.early on in iowa's big win over michigan - punter ron coluzzi took off on a fake punt- and tripped over his feet - doing a sumersault before even reaching the line of scrimmage.he later said - it wasn't a designed play and joked about how un-athletic the play was. was.and in the iowa state - kansas game - the jay-hawks tried a sneaky play on a
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the ball across the field leading to a 40-yeard gain.but taking a second look - when the play started - one of the jay-hawks was laying on the ground - hoping to be camouflaged in the all-blue end-zone.both iowa and iowa state won. good morning again -- it's now
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...what donald trump is now saying about the construction of the wall he's vowed to build on the u-s mexico border. the local businesses thatil flooding threat earlier this fall. plus - the somber anniversary in paris - on the deady terror attacks that killed 130 people. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan.
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we're learning more this morning about what the donald trump white house will look like. over the weekend, trump announced he's picking r-n-c chairman reince preibus as his chief of staff. the washington insider has a close friendship with house speaker paul ryan and could help as a liason between trump and congress.stephen bannon will be the new chief strategist at the white house. some are wary of this choice, though, pointing to bannon's
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right. bannon has ties to a fringe movement which blasts the republican establishment and advocates with controversial rhetoric. the two figures seem to create some polarity in trump some polarity in trump whitehouse. in the very first extended interview since he won the election - donald trump now says he would accept a fence in some places along the u-s mexico border. border.during the campaign - trump vowed to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. he still vowed to getting a wall built - but that in some areas - a fence would make more's an exchange with the president-elect - with sixty minutes' lesley stahl. lesley stahl: they're talking about a fence in the republican congress, would you accept a fence?donald trump: for certain areas i would, but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this, it's called construction. lesley stahl: so part wall, part fence?donald trump: yeah, it could be - it could be some . fencing.he also said he's
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country illegally who have criminal records. during that same interview - donald trump also said he would not take a salary as president.he says by law he has to take one dollar a year - and give up the 400-thousand dollar a year salary.he would be the first president to forgo his entire salary since j-f-k donated all of his salary to charity. the future commander-in-chief also told sixty minutes - he would cut ties with his company - and hand over the reigns to his kids. republicans selected their leaders for the next two years. bill dix will now replace senate majority leader mike gron-stoll who held that post for the last decade. jack witt-ver is now senate president replacing pam jochum (the senate has been controlled by republicans since 2007 - but this year the tables have turned. republicans have held the house since 2011 and that stays in g-o-p hands. also in des moines - the governor is calling for a
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hike.four counties already approved their own higher the corridor - johnson and linn counties have both passed wage hikes. branstad says a uniform wage would be better for businesses - but some opponents are now worried the wage the state-wide hike might not be high enough. not all newbo businesses are returning after flood 2016. 2016.steve shriver - the president of the newbo group - says newbo alehouse and newbo sushi are closing their doors after selling to nanke shriver says he's heard plans for a high-end steakhouse in the space - but there are no finalized plans currently. it's been one month since newbo city market re-opened its doors following the 20-16 2 news reporter connor morgan paid a visit to the district and explains how the market is making a major difference to newbo businesses. businesses. from a virtual ghost town - "there was not a soul to be seen. it was eerie."to a flood
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an uptick in general in sales." newbo business owners like brewhemia's steve shriver say the district is back. "immediately after we reopened, we were slammed. it was obvious that the community was coming to support small business, specifically ones that were flood-impacted."at the heart of the resurgence - newbo city market."when they think of newbo, they think of the market. it's great. there's a great green space. it's like the town square."one of the last businesses to reopen - the market is arguably the most piece of the district puzzle. "we help bring people down to the area."taylor bergen is newbo city's director of operations - and says the market is a difference maker. "we help draw people to the neighborhood, not only for our businesses, but for the other businesses in district, because we want everyone to succeed. this isn't - we're not competing with the businesses around us. we want everyone to succeed and everyone to do well."many flood-impacted businesses are facing an uphill battle -"it's been difficult. we incurred
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having to close their doors waiting for water levels to recede"that's very, very hard on small independent businesses. very hard. i mean that is their families and their livelihood and income." newbo city lost a month's worth of revenue - so the market's leaders are doing their startups a favor."our biggest cash flow as an organization, as newbo city market, is obviously through rent. we forgave rent for the month." still - businesses in and around the market aren't up to full strength. didn't run through the streets, it still impacted us pretty heavily, so takes a lot of cups of coffee to make up for that. so we're working hard. it will take us at least six months to fully recover." "all those businesses still need your support. they still want your customer support. they're thankful for your help and they'd love to see you again." see you again." newbo businesses say - the c-r gavel challenge really helped following the flood - some businesses saw an increase of sales by nearly 50 percent. one way to give back this holiday season is through the
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the red kettle stands across linn this year is the kettle season pass.'s a collectible pin you can purchase to show your can buy one for 20 - 50 or 100 dollars at the salvation army.this year they hope to raise more than 800- thousand 2 is a sponsor -- and we'll be ringing bells at the newbo city market this friday from 10-a-m to 6p-m.we also have a red kettle here at broadcast park. we'll also collect toys for the holiday season on december 8th. bring a new toy to broadcast park on that day to go toward the salvation army toys for tots drive. that's december 8th all day long - you can bring it to broadcast park 600 old marion road. take a look at this touching memorial in paris, france last night.sunday marked exactly one year since the deadly
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lined this canal to float lanterns made out of paper in memory of the victims.also over the weekend - sting performed at the re-opening of the batalcan concert hall. nearly 90 people were killed there.the proceeds will benefit charities helping victims and their families. it's and right now in it's de. degrees. up next - we're taking a closer look at the super- that's catching the eye of
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if you went outside last night - you outside last if you went outside last night - you saw a special treat in the sky. sky.brook silva braga takes a look at the big supermoon. supermoon. (pkg)skywatchers across the globe looked up as earth's
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closer. (sot vivienne kodak 2175 19:01:56)it's big // (19:02:10) it's pretty and shinya supermoon happens whenever the moon's elliptical orbit reaches "perigee"--it's closest point--at the same time there's a full moon. but this one is especially super. (sot nora kodak 2175 19:01:26) kodak 2175 (sot nora super. especially this one is full moon. but time there's a at the same closest point-- "perigee"--it's orbit reaches elliptical moon's whenever the pretty and (19:02:10) it's it's big // 19:01:56)kodak 2175 (sot vivienne closer. leaned a bit neighbor, closest up as earth's globe looked across the skywatchers (pkg) upermoon. supermoon. (pkg)skywatchers across the globe looked up as earth's closest neighbor, leaned a bit closer. (sot vivienne kodak 2175 19:01:56)it's big // (19:02:10) it's pretty and shinya supermoon happens whenever the moon's elliptical orbit reaches "perigee"--it's closest point--at the same time there's a full moon. but this one is especially super. (sot nora kodak 2175 19:01:26) nora: 65 years, rightbrook: i think 68nora: 68 years(dr. noah petro / nasa scientist 2:47) it's going to be the closest the moon has been to the earth since january of 1948 so it's a unique opportunity to get out and admire our lovely neighbor in the sky // (4:02) the supermoon averages about 14% larger than the smallest full moon, that's about 7% larger than an average full moon. (bridge: brook silva-braga / new york)the difference can be hard to see. if that globe is the eartha& this is what the
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19:23)honesty someone hadn'told mi'm e that i ou he ow(dr. 10but it also thabout 0brighter s in you might actually notice that sunday night, monday morning, monday night, it's b righ outsid.that was god news for zachary vidrine.(sot zachary vidrine 2181 19:32:00) i'm lost in central park right now, with my phone dead, and i have the moon to guide me tonight, so i'm very thankful for like that from a moon this close, won't be back until 2034.brook silva-braga, for cbs news, new york it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next - when corridor shoppers can get start getting deals at a mall
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your???????
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lindale mall has now released details on when they will be open on thanksgiving and black . friday.the mall plans to open from six until one a-m on turkey day.they will then re-open five hours later on black friday, at six and will stay open until centers across the country are expecting to see a boost in sales this season.the national retail federation says november and december gift buying should reasch 655- billion dollars. chinese online giant ali-baba has now set an e-commerce record -for their singles day - which is the china's version of black friday - and cyber mon. monday.they racked up more than a billion dollars in the first five minutes of the online shopping day -which was held on friday - is a celebration of being single - and serves as an excuse to go shopping. overall - ali-baba hit 18-billion dollars in sales this year
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watching video on your phone won't gobble up as much data for a-t-and-t users next year. year.that's because the cell-phone provider is introducing stream saver - which will by- default, play lower-bandwidth videos wehn they're available.users who want full h-d can disable the function when they want to. insta-gram is now testing a new live video feature that they hope will compete with youtube - snapchat and periscop. periscope.their c-e-o told the financial times - the photo stream video to the world - or just your will reportedly be called "go insta" - and has been tested in word on when that feature will go live in the u- s. americans seemed to want to escape reality after a draining presidential election - ticket sales were up across the fact - they were up nearly 50-percent from last year's post-election weekend. weekend.coming out on top - marvel's doctor strange.the benedict cumber-batch led film
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making 43-million dollars. trolls - the musical animated movie with anna kenrick and justin timberlake came in second make a little over 35- million dollars.and third place - the science-fiction thriller "arrival" starring amy adams. it's right now it's degrees in still to come - with temps diving soon.what you need to know before you decide to service your furance th
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa on this morning... a longtime restaurant in eastern iowa is now destroyed after a kitchen fire.the
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says luigi's restaurant and lounge in oelwein was destroyed over the weekend.the fire started just after three p-m on saturday -- that was when the business was still open.everyone made it out safely -- but the fire kept going.authorities had to use construction equipment to knock the fire down.officials say the restaurant is a total loss. thousands of fans celebrated saturday - and that meant a busy night for university police. over the day --i officers arrested six people for public intoxication. that included 35-year-old michelle keys who told police she thought she was in ames at the iowa state arizona football game. keys' arrest is now making headlines on sites like deadspin and land of ten. iowa city police made 8 alcohol related arrests on saturday. iowa football legend tim
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his day to inspire young students. at nine - he's hosting an assembly at twain elementary in iowa city talking to students about what it takes to accomplish your dreams. students will also thank dwight for donating money to the school to purchase a new costume for their mascott. the new twain tiger will be revealed during the assembly. temperatures will eventually get colder - so right now is the perfect time for homeowners to have their furnace serviced,ry explains how a growing number of customers have reported being ripped off. off. (nats)when jeremy and jennifer reese moved into their home... (nats)they made an appointment for what they figured would be a routine furnace checkup. (nats)but they were wrong. (sot- jennifer reese/homeowner) "he's down there for maybe about 20 minutes or so, comes upstairs and says, 'we have some bad news.'the technician diagnosed a cracked heat exchanger... a dangerous problem that can allow carbon monoxide to escape into the house.(nats)"this was tagged
5:55 am
placed this red tag on the furnace... and then disassembled other parts of the system so it couldn't be turned on. (sot-jeremy reese/homeowner)"the sales guy was out here a half hour after the system was disabled." trying to get the reeses to spend thousands of dollars on a new system . (sot-jeremy reese/homeowner)"your family is going to freeze you better get a new one." (nats)jeremy decided to call for a second opinion. (natsot)"there's nothing in here that's abnormal."service manager mike kingston ran a camera inside the furnace... and found no evidence of any cracks. (sot-mike kingston/stocker oil) (kingston) "ran a full test on it. everything chec and it's running fine." (ryan) "everything looked fine?" (kingston) "everything looked fine." (nats)if there is problem... kingston says the furnace should only be turned off... not taken apart... (nat-sot)"the gas valve was shut off."just in case the system needs to run to keep pipes from freezing in the winter. and while it might be rare... we found homeowners around the country who have been victims of the scam. (sot-mike kingston/stocker oil) "it is frustrating. you don't want to get a bad reputation in this industry that people
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if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in up next - the big impact social media had on the election - according to our next president, donald trump.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new details on who donald trump has picked to be apart of his white house staff. the new call for stiffer penalties for crimes committed on police officers. and the new series of earthquakes hitting the island of new zealand this welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan.
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let's get a check of our cbs 2
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radar is looking quite. forty-seven at 9:00. fifty-six at lunchtime and 59 this afternoon. th normal. sums parts as much as 15. donald trump starting to


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